Mobile App Development

"We think we want to build a mobile app. What's involved with that?"mobile app development

First, we're glad you decided to consult with us as most development companies have little to no experience with running a business and can provide functional business understanding to support how best to build an app.

They also will just listen to you every request like a computer and won't protect you from yourself in spending too much money or money on things you don't need.

No more surprises. Don't get caught with paying more for an app because your development team didn't ask the right questions or were able to provide you with answers that would have required any development at all.

We development teams are like computers. They will do exactly as they're told. If you don't have a good architect they could require your business to answer questions that's outside their skillset and you could develop yourself into a corner.

mobile app developmentWe've seen mobile app projects go from $5000 project to $35000 project because not everything was well planned, disclosed, nor architected. We provide consultants that are teamed with strong executive resources and a technical Project Manager to work with every client to ensure their projects are accomplished on-time, within budget, and meet their expectations.

You're a business that does not do app development. Why should you be required to know all the answers! Don't become a victim to scope creep or not having your expectations met. With us, if your expectations are not met you don't pay. Just like any other construction project. If what's delivered does not meet the requirements you should not be billed.

Have an ongoing project right now that's getting away from you right now?

We will jump in and get that project under control ASAP. Don't wait for that project to fix itself. We're here to help and we are brought in to remedy development projects often. We understand you didn't know and felt like you went with a credible development service and it's not working out. Project continues to return to ask for more money and more money.

Need training and marketing materials to go with your new mobile app or web app project? We have our very own marketing devision to provide services just like this. We can provide click-by-click instructions to go with your new app that's useful for your internal staff, clients, or external users.